Below is a basic guide to selling popular cryptocurrencies with a credit card. No one! I i n.

Tip: Before you start the process, you need to find the correct credit card (driving license / driving license / insurance) and give it to the computer. If this is your first project, you will be asked to download the first and last file.

First open the Changelly site and then click the “Buy Cryptocurrency” button in the upper left corner of the window.

Changelly is one of the best
Select and start a specific currency (USD, EUR, GBP). Below, select the cryptocurrency you want to sell at home. Check the number of encrypted messages received and enter the passcode if necessary. Do it again.

Click the “MasterCard / MasterCard” button to read the list and geographical information in order.

This is not part of the cryptographic services website. Make sure you follow every step in the sales process.

The first step is to determine the balance (i.e. USD, Euro, GBP) and the amount you want to buy. Click the “Buy Now” button to continue.
Enter your crypto account and click the “Buy Now” button to continue.
Enter your email address and click on the “Next” button.
If this is your first purchase at Moon Bay, you should sign up for a four-year warranty and confirm your email address. If no message appears, log in to Spam.
Once you have placed the code, accept the terms of service and click “Forward”.
Click on your account / credit card (city, city, code, state) and click on it.
Then enter the home address (select “Use My Location”) and click on the “Next” button.
Provide information about your credit / debit card.
And you will be redirected to the page.
We value security. So, if you make more than $ 150 a month, you can send the report to the Persian Gulf. To send us your suggestions, please provide the country of the problem and the support you would like to receive:
World number
Map (on both sides)
Driver’s license (two).
Place a picture in front of the page (this navigation area is selected) and click the “Next” button.
It shows how the symbol works, not what it is. If the document is not found, try again. Or click OK to continue.
Download, verify, and click the “Save” button behind the license to continue.
The next step is to do something to get to know you better.