You can buy and sell products and services by paying with bitcoins. Bitcoins are stored in digital wallets, available on mobile devices, on computers and the internet network.

Where and how to buy bitcoin instantly:

Changelly is the best way. Unlike the other platforms, it is not necessary to register an account in Changelly to use the page. Accept customers from all over the world, and the currencies with which you can buy bitcoins are euros and US dollars. Bank cards such as VISA or Mastercard can be used to complete the transaction, with a commission of 0.5%.

The price of buying bitcoins

The value of bitcoin varies over time, with each passing minute. During last July, the highest price reached by bitcoin was 11,209.44 euros, a value reached at the beginning of the month, while its minimum in that month was a value of 8,404.21 euros, a record belonging to day 16 of July.

If in 2013 you had spent 1 euro on buying bitcoin, now that value would amount to more than 1 million euros. Of course, by then, very few foresaw the importance and popularity that this cryptocurrency has acquired over the years. The price of bitcoin is determined by all those who participate in its buying and selling process; that is, it is the users of Bitcoin that influence the value of it.

After the fall in the most popular cryptocurrency value on the internet, some may be thinking of exchanging it for real money before it is too late.

The idea of ​​the cryptocurrency is that they are not bills or coins in physical condition, but that it circulates in the network.

Buying and selling bitcoins is quite easy; however, converting it into fiat money account can be more difficult.

In this year alone, bitcoin has gone from being worth the US $ 1,000 to reach the US $ 20,000, but many fear that it has reached its peak.

How can I spend my bitcoins

Today many businesses have opted for cryptocurrencies as a payment method and can already be paid with bitcoins in many physical and digital stores. The number of sites that accept electronic currencies grows exponentially every year. Some of the most famous companies in which cryptocurrencies are accepted are Starbucks, KFC, Microsoft, Amazon, Reddit, WordPress, Mega …

What else can you buy with bitcoins?

So far, the country that has taken the lead with the use of cryptocurrencies in Japan, which already has more than 260,000 physical stores that accept bitcoin. But as surely you are not in Japan, we tell you some of the platforms where you can already buy products using cryptocurrencies:

Electronic products

In the United States, leading companies in the technology sector such as Dell and Microsoft have already been encouraged to accept payments in bitcoin, although at first, they were somewhat reluctant.

Also, some retail visionaries of electronic products have decided to accept as a form of payment in cryptocurrencies. Usually, we will find them online if you want to cheer up and use them you may have to open a BTC account.

Digital content

There are many applications, especially in the video game sector, where apps in companies such as Windows or Xbox have published their games.

Another one that is aimed at the fashion of cryptocurrencies is Steam that made a strategic partnership with BitPay for all its users to acquire video games in cryptocurrencies.


ECommerce has seen an easy and secure method of payment in cryptocurrencies. Shopify, one of the largest e-commerce platforms today, has been creating an online store with bitcoins since late 2013.


Another sector that encourages digital payment is the restoration, although it does so timidly. Currently, the well-known fast-food chain, Subway, begins to allow amount with bitcoin in some of its stores. Will that sandwich paid for with digital money?

Beneficial causes

Non-profit organizations dare with cryptocurrencies to attract digital donors who want to contribute their cause in digital money, such as Save the Children that allows donations in bitcoins, through Bitpay. But be careful, do not trust any association, always check before it is a real entity and its page.

New entrepreneurs fear no fear in incorporating new financial technologies such as Blockchain (which is based on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies), technology finance and the Fintech sector in their day-to-day lives as critical elements of a transformation of the economy and the actual society.

For this reason, the demand for professional profiles capable of responding to the new needs of payment models capable of managing global hyperconnectivity, and the generation of data derived from the activity.